Council Activities

Market Entry Support: USBCI provides its members with critical information to help them excel in Iraq’s challenging business environment. Members receive access to white papers on visa requirements, movement and access, and the cost of doing business. USBCI also offers individualized consultation services to its members on how to enter the Iraqi market and provides referrals for essential business services.

Business Environmental Advocacy: The business and investment climate in Iraq is challenging. High security costs, cumbersome visa processes and business registration requirements, payment delays on Iraqi government contracts, and occasional non-transparent dispute resolution mechanisms all increase the cost of doing business in Iraq. In addition to helping its members navigate this difficult business environment, USBCI advocates to the Iraqi government to encourage the development of a functional business climate. USBCI also works closely with the U.S. Embassy to raise the concerns of the U.S. business community in Iraq and to push for the negotiation and ratification of a bilateral U.S.-Iraq trade and investment treaty, something that would provide the solid legal foundation needed for substantial U.S. investment in Iraq.

Corporate Social Responsibility: USBCI members work to promote transparency in their business transactions and strive to be good corporate citizens. USBCI believes that its members have a responsibility to give back to the communities where they operate, helping improve the opportunities available to Iraqis through investment in civil society. Corporate investment in local communities and partnerships with the Iraqi people are some of the ways USBCI seeks contribute to Iraq’s long-term economic and human development.

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