Ambassador Jeffrey Announces Formation of USBCI at July 4th Event


Bruce Larson

Ambassador Jeffrey Announces Formation of USBCI at July 4th Event

BAGHDAD, IRAQ – USBCI officers and board members joined Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, Ambassador James Jeffrey, and other dignitaries at the American Independence Day celebration at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad on July 4th. Ambassador Jeffrey announced the formation of the U.S. Business Council in his speech, giving special recognition to Interim President Bruce Larson and the other board members in attendance by having them join him on stage.

After recognizing the dedication and sacrifice of American troops and Iraqi security forces, the Ambassador addressed the importance of American support and partnership with the Government of Iraq and the Iraqi people. “Our economic partnership, too, will continue to develop and flourish. Several weeks ago, we marked the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s first business delegation visit ever to Baghdad and Basrah. The U.S. Chamber’s historic visit served to highlight the importance of the recently formed U.S. Business Council in Iraq. The USBCI is being launched symbolically on the birthday of American independence, and its leadership is here with us today.” During his remarks, President Talibani also emphasized the importance of partnership between the two countries to expand trade and economic development in Iraq.

“The U.S. Business Council is excited to be here to foster business ties between U.S. businesses and our Iraqi partners. The USBCI hopes to highlight the unique value American business can provide to Iraq,” said Bruce Larson, President of USBCI. “The U.S. Embassy has incredible resources to support American business in Iraq, and USBCI is glad to have the U.S. Government’s support in working to advocate for continued improvements to the business climate in Iraq.”

The U.S. Business Council in Iraq is a private non-profit organization dedicated to promoting U.S. private sector investment in Iraq through market entry support, business environmental advocacy, and encouraging corporate social responsibility among its members. For more information about USBCI, please visit


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